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My Dear Son,

First time we came to Alaçatı was for your Aunt Güneş’s wedding, i liked here very much. I think it was 5-6 years ago. At that time here was not so crowded, now it is either devoloped or more crowded but nice anyway… It is a good thing that they protect the architecture, by the way the cute ambiance of here is protected, too.

Today is the last day of our holiday. When we return to İstanbul you’ll start to school. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Kisses so many times,

Your Mum



Dear Toprak,

You have liked this card as it has a tractor (you say türrüüt) on it. This is one of the first cards you sent to yourself. Because of that it is very precious.

We love you very much!!!

Your Mum&Dad



My Dear Toprak,

We came to Alaçatı to stay for a night when we are getting back from Palamutbükü. Here is a place that a lot of trinket is sold on the cobblestone pavements between old and stone houses. There are nice cafes but people may come here for windsurf or girls can come with their girlfriends maybe… Or at day time it is better to sleep and walk around at night. But i have a work to do in the morning, I can not command for this. And also after high season here can be a quiet and peaceful place. I could’nt know.

Your Father Dad:)

P.S: Our hair is too long. Your mum will send us to Patriarchate.

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