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Buenos Dias You Bandito Foal 🙂

We are in Barcelona with you and it is great to wander together. We chose a place where we have been before with your mother so that we can make anything you want and we don’t feel sorry that we miss something we want to see. At the end, instead of looking to Casa Battlo, you were interested in the doors of a bus and instead of Sagrada Familia, you pay attention to a chopper… Well, you are just 3.5…

I was not able to see Tibidabo in our last trip; lucky me. We went together to Tibidabo and had such a fun.

We just couldn’t take a tour with cable car in this trip. That we can do in next trip. I usually let something to do in the cities I visit. In that way, I have a reason to visit that city again.



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My dear son,

Today is our second day in Barcelona. In the morning we went to “Pipacso” exhibition, whom you even dream about but it was very boring for you. I gues, there is no body else who finish that exhibition in 40 minutes. After a short trip in Le Born, we went to the Zoo.

Let me tell the funniest story of the day, so that it will never be forgetten. There are golf cars in the zoo to be rent and you wanted so hardly to get one of them. You were such happy when we rent one. Your dad told you “get on the steering that I make a pitcure” and you told him “What? On the steering???” and you really sat on the steering.

Aha ha ha ha 🙂 I love you!

Mom 🙂

(P.S. Hard to translate in English but the phrase in Turkis is “to sit on the steering Wheel”, which means to sit on the driver’s sit.)

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(down/altta) Toprak’ın, Picasso’nun ve Gaudi’nin çizimleri. Bakalım hangisi Toprak’ın bulabilecek misiniz?

Toprak’s, Picasso’s and Gaudi’s drowings. Let’s see if you can find which one is Toprak’s 🙂


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