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My little mouse,

We are in Berlin in your first Children Feast. I can eat your children feast! Well, right now, you are eating the Menu card of the café in Literaturhause.

This is second city, we are enjoying with you, you have been very demure 🙂

Traveling with you is much more tasteful, life is much more tasteful with you!

Your mother, Simi


Hello you travelling foal,

I guess my previous card was a kind of similar with this one; I’ve sent it from Cyprus. This one is from Berlin. Similar as Cyprus, Berlin divided in two parts after II. world war; it is hard to believe but they build even a wall in the middle of the city.

While we walk around with you in this city, I often though, how it should be to live in a divided city/world. I hope you’ll live in a non-divided world.

I chose this card in order to remind you about II. word war and you’ll be awake agains such destructions and crimes against humanity.


Long live humanity!

(Congratulations for 23 April Children Feast)

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