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My Angel,

we are on holiday in Palamutbükü. Since we get the info, that it will be very windy, we came to Selimiye and Bozburun for a visit.

It was your birthday 2 days ago. We celebrated it in Datça.  You became a great man, I am delight in you 🙂

You are now very use to go in to the see. At the beginning of this summer, you weren’t like to do so… Now you cry for swimming 🙂

And you step on the sand yesterday. level 6! 🙂

I kiss you terribly

your mom






Dear Toprak,

we are in Bozburun. Since you are sleeping at back seat, we will go back without stepping out of the car 🙂

You own me a Bozburun!

About this place, Bülent Ortaçgil has a wonderful song.

I hope it will stay such calm and peaceful until you grown up as it is now.



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