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Toprak Hi,


I went to Argentina after we met face to face and wanted to share this Postcard. Those colorful houses are in a neighbourhood  called “La Boca”. This place, where the first horbour of the city took place is also a neighbourhood of European immigrants, who came to the city for work. They had tough times here.

Once upon a time, an artist has colored the walls and houses in order to develop the street arts and people living here have joined to this.

Furhter more, the famous soccer club Boca Juniors and….
(Unfortunately this part was erased 🙁  )


P.S. Another Card from Caminto : http://www.colorsofotherlands.com/buenos-aires/


Not: Caminto’dan gelen başka bir kartpostal daha: http://www.colorsofotherlands.com/buenos-aires/


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