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My little Toprak, my live, my only one.

I send you my love from Çanakkale. I was very willing to come here and could come at the and on 31.03.2012.

It is much bigger then I assumed. It is unending… We can even not walk it to the end in a week.

You can joy ride and see whole Turkey as you wish when you will grown.

I love you so so so…much. My love, my only one…




Toprak my live,

Today, we visited for one day Çanakkale, Gallipoli penusula.

This place is where our National consciousness will arrised, where your beloved ATATÜRK first came into the History Stage and 253.000 sons and daughters of this country stoped the enemy at the cost of their lives.

I would realy like you to read and visit this place when you grown..


Grandpa, who loves you very much

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