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Hotel Taj Mahal

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Dear Foal,

Greatings full of longing from my 4th trip to India. It was a tiring business trip but I had a chance to wander this afternoon. We jumped to a train with Naresh and went a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh first. It would count as an advanture to get in a train even for few stops in here. I do not enter to “Temple” talk now, we can have long talks when you are grown.

After the temple, we went to see Gate of India and  Hotel Taj Mahal. I would say, if you don’t have too much time, do something else. You can take a look to this card instead of going to the Hotel and see any arch instead of the gate.


Love you so much, dad


P.S. Photo on the card is from Hawa Mahal / Kartpsostaldaki fotoğraf Hawa Mahal’in fotoğrafı.


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