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What’s up my dear Toprak?

When you are looking at the postcards of you then recognize this one and, you gonna say “What the hell is that?”
Let me explain. I’m in Crotia. Actually I’m not in Kornati National Park. I’m in Tisno. Here is such an incosequent place that’s why this place doesn’t have a postcard to worth for it.
You would say, “but my dear brother Berkay, why you are there?” Let me explain again, I’m in Soundwave music festival.
Temperature-sea and music is amazing here. Moreover, chicks are adorable. Imagine, when you are 18 years old, I would be 25. We gonna hang around together. If I had a son or daughter, it would be 16 or something. We will rock! Don’t care about the numbers.
Anyway, I’m kissing you from your heavenly smell cheeks.
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