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My Dear Son,

This is first time I am apart from you for such a long time; 4 days is very tough 🙁

I was always thinking, where we can go with you when we come here together.  I hope we can visit this city asap together and go to the Disneyland.

It is a beautiful city.

I love you a lot.


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My Dear Son,

I understood why you get so many postcards from Paris… There are postcards to be sold on each corner… The city is so beautiful, that they couldn’t finish the photos of the city by printing on the postcards.

Paris is a city just like on this card; really well protected. What it was yesterday, it is today as well !

I have to admit that I am impressed much much more than I expected. The conculusion I reach is:  Does not matther how many cards you receive, you should see with your eyes a place to recognize it really. You should travel a lot… It is very good that you started early 🙂

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