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Bafa Gölü / Bafa Lake

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Hello Toprak.

It is Bafa Lake on the photo. It was my first trip with YTUFOK* ; south Ege trip…

I met your father at that time… Who was at that trip… Uncle Can,  Enis, Oğuz, Koray, elder sister Hanife and many others.

It has been 10 years and we have been grown with YTUFOK. I hope you to be grown with YTUFOK as well.

I am writing this from our Dark Room and the card is an dark room printing.

Don’t think that those won’t be available when you are grown. We will handle it some how with you… May be you visit Bafa Lake and we will print your photos in the dark room.

Everything is on your hands if you want.

This uncle is high, isn’t it Toprak 🙂



I made it look like a post card.


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