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Kuala Lumpur

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Dear Son,

I recognized that I sent few postcards from Malaysia but newer told anything about this place.

This is a nice place with very warm people. There is no season…it is always summer. Sun rise at 7:30 and sets 19:30 everyday… it just differs 3-5 minutes among whole year.

When it rains, it is mad. When it stops, it stops all of a sudden; it is very very humid… On the other hand, everywhere is air conditioned; it is very very cold… Do not forget to take a sweatshirt with you if you come here one day, other wise you’ll get cold. The city, Kuala Lumpur is very modern. I don’t know if this is something good or not… All around is beton 🙁 There is an unnecessary big building stock… Do not go up to Petronas, they only bring you to sky bridge. Insteady, go up to television tower(KL Tower).

Next to Batu Cave, there is another cave cold Dark Cave. Stop by… Say hello to Shela if she is still there. She is the dog of the cave, which lives in darknes. There is not a historical thing realy, but Templer park is a nice place for a little nature joy. Whit monkeys tonkeys…


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