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Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

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Dear Foal,
At the end, I also found the way to India 🙂
It is a huge country with around 1.3billion people. Can defined it perfectly as ” like a parallel universe”

There are 2 types of food in India. Veggeterian (Veg) and Non-veg but any thing is spicy as hell. I am so hungry!



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My Dear Toprak,
This is the first international trip we make with your father and I hope there will be much more of them.
We went to visit the “lazy” godness at the cover.
My feed were bare… At the other hand the taste of Coconat was not bad at all 🙂

I kiss you from your eyes.
Play-dough guy

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My dear Toprak,
We went to visit  the temple at the postcard. It is a 1200 years old temple.  The godness on the Can’s card is the main god of this temple but there are many other god statues here. People present them some food or flowers etc… and asking for something.

We also saw today those cows, which are sitting in the middle of a road and no one touch or discomfort them.
Religion is an interesting topic at the end.
After you grow a little, we may have a long talk on thet subject.



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